The latest updates with regard to our race and COVID-19.
Hosted By: The City of Mesa

We know everyone is anxious for an update on the status of our 10th anniversary race that is currently scheduled for Saturday, February 13, 2021. We recognize that the current situation has been and continues to be very fluid, with ever-evolving national health and safety standards.

Our promise to our runners is that we will continue to plan for and organize our race. We are partnering closely with our local, state, and public safety officials to ensure we provide a race environment that is safe for both our runners and the community. We will provide any updates to our runners as they become available.

Should the event be canceled due to COVID–19, our contingency plan includes three options for runners:

  • Participate in-person on a future date (likely fall of 2021), when deemed safe by local, state, and public safety officials.
  • Participate in a virtual race option.
  • Defer race entry to the 2022 race, with all deferral fees waived.

We look forward to February and hope you will join us for our decennial race!

Stay safe, stay healthy, keep running, and we will see you in February!